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Ethereum(ETH) is already listed on exchange platforms, To appreciate all our fans worldwide, we are giving out 30,000 ETHEREUM to everyone that participated in this current competition, we need more members in our community, as well we want our company to be known worldwide, this a an extended platform, you can earn tons of ethereum coin, depends on how hardworking you are

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You can participate too! HOW TO EARN FROM 30,000 ETH

Inorder to be eligible for this giveaway, you need to register with your valid ETH wallet address, please make sure its correct, we will send payment to the address you registered with, after you register, keep inviting more members, for every users you invited, you will receive 0.2 ETH, please don't refer yourself inorder to prevent account termination, please refer as much as you can to our platform so that you'll be able to get payouts easily when the time comes, you can earn 20 times of your imagination, all depends on how hardworking you are, for example, if you refer 100 members (0.2 * 100) you get 20 ETH in total, no limit of how much you can earn.

  • TOTAL ETH SENT 16,582.50
  • TOTAL ETH LEFT 13,418
  • Contest ProgressDISTRIBUTION IN A BIT

    The contest ends when there is an exhausted total of 30,000 ETH giveaway. Contest end date, DISTRIBUTION WILL BEGIN BY SOON

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